DIY Everyday Wreath

Now that the holidays have passed, I knew it was time to replace our Christmas wreath with something that could be hung year-round. I found ALL items (with the exception of the bow) on Christmas clearance!! 

AND putting this together took me less than 20 minutes. Easy peasy!

Wreath- Christmas Clearance @ Target

Flowers- Christmas Clearance @ Michael’s


  • DIY Wreath Base (Any Size of your choosing)
  • Flowers ( I grabbed 4 bouquets worth) & 1 large set of gold sparkle leaves
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Wire cutters/ Sturdy Scissors
  • Ribbon/Bow (optional)IMG_2964
  • Please note: White rope is in above picture which I did NOT end up using
  1. Cut all flowers off their stems. I would leave about an inch so you have enough length to stick the flower into the wreath base.IMG_2970
  2. Once you have a nice stack of all of your leaves and flowers. Plug hot glue gun in and allow to heat up. I started on the left side of my wreath and worked my way around clockwise. It was easier for me to take that approach.
  3. I would apply glue to the stem of the flower and push it in wherever I wanted it on the wreath base. IMG_2972

I decided to add a bow, so I made sure to put the bow in the center from the start. If you decide to not have a bow, then continue as you would like around the entire wreath.IMG_2974Finished Product!! You are done!!

This color scheme worked best for our decor! Feel free to use any colors/flowers that you would like and have fun with it!!


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