How to Pamper Yourself at Home

Go ahead and put yourself first.


I’m not saying it needs to be a daily “All About Me” Fan Fest, but self-care is essential in being the best wife, mother, and friend you can be.

Here are my tips & tricks to feeling fabulous without ever stepping foot outside 🙂

    1. Invest in wine! Keep a bottle on hands at all times.You never know when a special occasion could come know, like a Tuesday, when your child actually goes to bed on time and you find yourself with a chance to catch up on This is Us with zero chance of interruptions. <–I mean, Don’t we ALL need a pair of these??
    2. Bubble Baths!! Heck, bring the previously mentioned wine to the bath! Perhaps, even remove the entire family of ducks that lines the edges of your tub. I love to have the bath overwhelmingly full of bubbles. (Think Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman jamming out to Prince level of bubbles) Sometimes I will even bring a book or a magazine and just zone out. It’s amazing how even 20 minutes of pure solitude in a nice and toasty bath can make all the difference. <– These salt scrubs are AMAZING. Leave your skin feeling SO soft!
    3. Face Masks. I love a good face mask! If you don’t have the time to lay around with a mask on while you binge on Netflix, go ahead and use one while you’re doing the laundry! It’s such a small thing, that makes you feel so clean and fresh afterwards.
    4. Eye Masks. I have recently become a big fan of these. They sell some amazing ones at the dollar store (seriously) Once you take them off you’ll notice any puffiness has minimized and your skin feels so soft.
    5. Deep Conditioning Treatment. This is such an inexpensive, wonderful way to pamper yourself. They always have little conditioning packets at drug/grocery stores for around 2 bucks! I will usually do some cleaning and just let my hair soak it all in. (Keep in mind, pampering yourself can be small tasks you do for you every so often that just makes you feel good. It doesn’t need to be a whole production)
    6. Sugar Scrub. Go ahead and take the extra step when your showering/or soaking in the tub and utilize a sugar scrub. It’s a great way to exfoliate and leave your skin feeling soft and smelling great!
    7. Mani/Pedi. Whip out every bottle of polish you own, the nail files, the clippers, and make a whole nice evening of giving yourself an elaborate manicure and pedicure. You can even invite a few girlfriends over and make it a girls night in!
    8. Make mug cake. Check out Pinterest and find some delicious recipes for mug cakes! Such a small, easy and delicious way to finish your day!
    9. Chick Flicks. Check out a chick flick that you absolutely used to love, but haven’t made the time to watch! Some that I love are: Made of Honor, The Wedding Date, Bridget Jones’ Diary, and The Holiday.


I hope you enjoy my list of what I do that helps me unwind! Being a mother to a raptor..I mean exhausting sometimes and it’s SO easy to overlook self-care.

Take care of you! It’ll make all the difference.

What do you do to pamper you??? Always up for more ideas!

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