Embrace the HAPPY in the Little Things


It is really easy to get caught up in this day-to-day life just waiting for those BIG life moments. We are constantly waiting for that promotion, that pay raise, that diamond ring, that promise of a life together forever, baby number 1 or 2 or 3, that vacation home, that full retirement account. We wait. We wait and hold onto those BIG moments believing that they are ENOUGH and that they are what surrounds our happy lives. But, what a sad thing that would be if that were simply it.

Happiness surrounds us. It is in every little joy that we face every day. Sure, we get large life-altering moments, but that’s not what we will hold onto when our life comes to an end.

My grandmother met my husband before she passed away. She didn’t know his career, his past, or even who he was as a person. She told me, “Your grandfather wakes up with the thought in mind ‘How can I make her happy today?’ and built his day around that thought.” She wanted to know if I believed he made it his goal in life to make my happiness his top priority. The thing she never realized was I found the person I wanted in my life for all the moments life had to offer. I knew from our first date that I wanted him to be the one standing across from me at the end of the alter, I wanted him holding my hand as I gave birth to our first child, I wanted him to be there if all my beautiful dreams came true or it all fell apart. Sure, it would be a wonderful thing if my happiness was his priority, but through his sole existence and the way he loves me, that happiness has always been there. Whether he was ever intentionally trying or not.

I don’t want to live a life where I am waiting and hoping for some great joy. I want to realize that the great joy is in all the little things that can so easily be overlooked. When I wake up in the morning I get to see that my husband filled our Keurig with water, because I really hate to do it. I get to hear my daughter applaud when the toaster pops up her chocolate chip waffle. I have a pantry full of soup cans my husband went out and bought when I thought I was getting a cold and he presented them to me in a soup tower. I have a wine shelf full of red blends, because I absolutely love that and I have people in my life who know this.

There is so much beauty in the ordinary. There is so much happiness and joy in the things we could so easily take for granted. My daughter kisses me every single morning right when she wakes up and says “HI!” with a huge grin across her face. She’s truly just excited and grateful for another day with me even if the most exciting thing she sees that day is the grocery store.

Life is what you make it. Surrounds yourself with good and positive people. Never settle. Don’t ever solely just exist. Make a name for yourself and embrace all the joy that surrounds you.

I promise there is so much more happy in your life than you realize.


XOXO Candace


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