How to Start a Weightloss Journey

Hello all & Happy New Year!

Like most people, I have made a resolution to help get my body back into shape. I rarely tell people that, because they see me and they don’t understand why I would want to lose weight. It’s never been about that for me. I want to be healthy, I’d love to be toned, and I just never feel good after eating “not-so-good-for-me” things! They say that only 8% of people who set a new years resolution keep it. EIGHT PERCENT! I hope that me AND You can be in that 8%.

Let me start off by saying, I have a degree in Health & Wellness Coaching. I am NOT a certified dietitian/ nutritionist. These are tips and tricks that have helped me stay my course. I have DEFINITELY learned through trial and error so I would LOVE to help you avoid my same downfalls and have a successful start from the get-go!!

  1. Take BEFORE photos. THIS WILL SUCK. I’m not going to lie to you. You will probably curse the lighting, and the person taking the picture, and the camera, and your outfit and so forth. But the AFTER photo will make it SO SO worth it! Take a photo from the front, side, and back. It’s BETTER to have SOMEONE ELSE take the photo. I only say this, because we’ve become such selfie experts, we know what angles look good and it’s so easy to mess with this step. DON’T. You’ll thank yourself later.
  2. Weigh yourself. Then put the scale away and don’t touch it again. You’ll want to know your starting point and definitely write that number down, but don’t become obsessed. It’s JUST A NUMBER. I own jeans in sizes from a size 1 (Ooh la la) to a size 7. MEANS NOTHING.
  3. Take your measurements. There are some great resources online to print out so you know the exact points, but I always suggest the basics: arms, waist, hips, thighs, calves.
  4. Throw out ALL of the unhealthy food. I know I sound like a nutcase. My mom thinks I’m joking when I look at her with genuine concern when she scarfs down a Twinkie with her extra large Coke.

***I have learned that by adding Protein Bars/Protein Shakes it helps curb my sugar cravings. I’ll feel like I am getting a dessert when I’m really not. I was the girl who was known for carrying candy in her purse 24/7. And now, I’m a bit ashamed that I was that person. Protein bars that I enjoy are Power Crunch and Think Thin Bars. My husband likes Lara Bars (Those are a bit TOO natural for me LOL, but the Cinnamon Roll one is the BOMB)

***Also, if you are a soda addict, I know how hard it can be to drop soda. But in order to lose weight I HIGHLY recommend it. The sugar content is INSANE. I recommend switching to Zevia. Zevia looks and tastes like soda, but is not. This might be the best way to trick yourself. I really enjoy the Root Beer and Ginger Ale flavors.

***Make water your friend. My husband and I are constantly buying flavored Sparkling water. It has the carbonation you want from a soft drink, but zero calories, zero sugar, and a refreshing fruity flavor. You can also purchase water bottles that allow you to put fruit/herbs to make it a great flavor. I love to do lemon, mint, and cucumber. It’s great for digestion as well.

5.Buy a Food Journal. It’s so easy to overlook how much we eat or how much a serving actually is unless we write it down. I suggest writing down–Food item, number of servings, calories, fats, carbs, and proteins. You may want to write sugar down as well if that’s something you feel you have an issue with.

***As a wellness coach, I have learned that if you have emotional ties to food it is best to write this down as well. For example, Are you eating because you’re bored? Because you’re sad? Because something wonderful happened? We connect so much of ourselves to what we eat that sometimes we’re just eating just to eat. You’ll realize over time that you’re eating a lot when you’re feeling a certain emotion rather than feeling hungry. It’ll give you a chance to find a better outlet like reading, working out, art, etc.

6. Try a Health App. I LOVE MyFitnessPal. I am able to put in my current weight, weight goals, and so forth. It not only tells me my calorie goal, but it tells me my goals for fats, carbs, proteins, etc. I have always gone by a low carb, high protein, and fats somewhere in the middle of that. I like that I am able to keep track of everything and know if I am consuming too much fat or not enough protein.

***Sparkpeople is another great website you may enjoy. This site even offers you meal plans if you’re not sure where to begin! It will tell you exactly what to eat, how much of it, and what time of day.

7. Tell someone of your fitness plans! Holding yourself accountable is a beautiful thing. We all have A LOT of DAY ONE’S. I get it. I’m that person as well. I tell my husband “Okay I am starting Today FOR REAL” then five hours later I am eating cake and going , “I mean, tomorrow.” It’s so easy to fall into that trap. DON’T. Try to pick a day one and make that you’re only day one. Tell someone who may be on the same fitness journey as you so you can hold one another accountable.

8. Find a workout plan that works for you. I don’t know about you, but I never go to the gym. I would have no idea what I am doing, I’d end up running on the treadmill and wishing I had a clue what was going on. I have found that YouTube videos work best for me. I am able to change up my workout routine daily. I can pick whatever area I am in the mood for! Somedays it’s Zumba or Kick Boxing or High Intensity training. Make it fun or you’ll never want to do it.

*** Remember that fitness should never feel like a punishment. You are trying to better your body and health so find an outlet that you enjoy. If YouTube isn’t for you there are so many wonderful fitness experts that I follow on social media who offer workout guides, such as: BBG (Bikini Body Guide), Alexa Jean Fitness (She offers at-home workout guides that don’t need weights, even has a pregnancy guide)

9. Lastly, remember that everyone has a DAY ONE. When you’re admiring people with toned abs and strong legs and you’re thinking, “That’ll never be me!” You have NO IDEA where they started from. You can do this! I’m writing this to remind myself that the love I have for helping others to look and feel their best is the same love that I should be giving to myself. After having a baby my self-esteem took a HUGE hit. I suddenly had fat in my tummy that was never there and I suddenly had thighs. WHAT!? We all have some insecurities. Remember that when you’re admiring another person. Social media is someone’s STAGE you’ll rarely see those BEHIND-THE-SCENE shots. You’re great and beautiful and YOU CAN DO THIS.


XOXO Candace

(Please note- I am in no way affiliated with any brands, programs, apps, or people listed above. These are all my personal opinion of what I enjoy and what has worked best for me.)

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