I Put in ONION in My Sock & Here’s What Happened

Hey Guys!!


I’m sure some of you reading this are either REALLY familiar with this old health remedy or you’re reading this thinking that I’ve gone mad!

Back in December, I got so incredibly sick I thought I was going to lose my mind. And as other mother’s may know WE DON’T GET SICK DAYS. We get to carry a box of tissues around, unable to breathe, raspy voice, sore throat and STILL manage to carry on with the tasks of BEING A MOM. I think my daughter would laugh to the point of tears if I told her I was just calling in sick today and see her tomorrow. Any who, after THREE days of waking up with ZERO change I decided to put an onion in my sock!

I read that by putting a chunk of cut up onion on the sole of your foot and putting socks over it (To hold in place) while you sleep that you should wake up feeling refreshed! Onions are known for removing toxins and bacteria.


  • Within 2 hours of the onion– I WAS ABLE TO BREATHE. I had been blowing my nose and sneezing non-stop for days and all of a sudden I could breathe. No exaggeration, I did NOT need to blow my nose again after doing this.
  • The next day– My skin was CLEAR. I have had bad skin ON and OFF for the last 10 years. Some days I go out without makeup feeling great and other days I want to just curl up in a ball and not be seen. I had a BAD breakout with this illness–to the point i DID NOT want to go to any family functions out of embarrassment. (I went anyways..family loves you even if you think you look like a HOT HOT MESS) Any ways, my skin was not only CLEARED UP but it was SOFT/DEWEY like that right after a facial feeling. I was cheering in the bathroom. Me AND the mirror had a moment!
  • Bottom line–I felt better. At least 75% better the next day and by the day after I was no longer sick.

I would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone who may be dealing with some sort of illness or even a serious breakout. I realize I sound nutty, but it really worked for me and I will DEFINITELY do it again should the occasion arise.


What other natural health remedies have YOU found effect? Please let me know!! 🙂


XOXO Candace

2 thoughts on “I Put in ONION in My Sock & Here’s What Happened

  1. That is great! I’ve heard of doing this with a garlic poultice. Did you have to use a carrier oil to prevent skin burns? I’m assuming onions won’t burn like garlic will.

    1. Thanks!! No skin burns or irritation. The smell and the texture are the only issues I faced with using onions, but thick socks really helped with that! I still washed my bedding I was convinced the foot of the bed smelled of onions lol

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