Sprinkle Some Kindness

Hey guys!


As my daughter gets older, I find the importance of compliments more and more necessary. My mother flooded me with compliments on a daily basis. She thought I was beautiful, fashionable, funny, kind, especially on the days when I felt none of those things. We need to build up those around us so that one day they don’t feel the need to HEAR it from others, but to simply FEEL it from within.

What if we complimented strangers on the street? What if we told someone we never met that they looked beautiful? What if we high-fived the mother on the playground who not only packed enough snacks for all of her kids, but actually remembered to pack the diapers too?

I see compliment-worthy actions all the time, but do I ever say anything? Rarely. We admire people all the time for things they have absolutely no idea they’re even doing. These same people may go home and look in the mirror and not like what they see, but perhaps if you had taken a small moment in your day to say something, they’d feel differently.

I remember telling someone that I was doing my own makeup for my wedding and they said, “Oh that’s a great idea! You’ve always done your makeup really well.” Or the moment my best friend began to cry when I agreed to be the Godmother to her children, because “You are such a wonderful mother and I know you’ll be so good to my kids.” I had never known these things. You HOPE you look good. You HOPE you’re being a good enough mother…friend…wife…daughter. But, a lot of the time, those who know you best ASSUME you already know you are all these incredible things.

When I started this blog, I made it a new years resolution to just be able to put my world out there. I wanted people in on what I was baking or crafting or the realities of motherhood. I vowed to never hold back or candy coat things. I have had this site for 3 weeks..in these 3 weeks..I have received multiple emails, comments, messages of people I have never met or people I haven’t talked to in years–thanking me for doing this. People ACTUALLY enjoy reading what I have to say. I also think it has allowed people to get to know me better. I am SO excited to see what this year has in store for my site and I am so GRATEFUL you have all chosen to be apart of the journey.

So, If I can leave you with anything, let it be this:

COMPLIMENT YOURSELF MORE. Don’t let a number on a scale dictate your worth. Don’t show up at an event looking AMAZING and questioning that, because NO ONE says a word. Don’t feel WONDERFUL to have yourself DEFEATED when you see a poor photo of yourself. LOVE YOURSELF the way YOU LOVE YOUR CHILDREN–Effortless, Never-Ending, and Kind.


XOXO Candace.


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