Fun Ways to Date Your Spouse AT HOME

My husband and I have gotten the reputations that we are a bit of homebodies. We do anything and everything together. We both work from home and spend an unusual amount of time together. I’m sure people question our sanity, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We also have a toddler that we are beyond obsessed with.

Bottom Line-We love to DATE at HOME!

  1.  Wine & Cheese Night- My husband and I love to go to the grocery store and buy our favorite bottle of wine, different kinds of meats/cheeses/spreads etc, and a baguette. We cut everything up and set out our own nice spread and we enjoy a nice evening of what feels like a fancy night out, but we can have our Toddler running a muck and Friends playing in the background.
  2. Game Night- Pull out your old favorite board games and have some good old fashioned competition! My husband and I never argue more than when we are ATTEMPTING to play Catch Phrase. Haha! “What kind of a clue is that!? Who says that??” It’s hilarious, because YES I REALLY am THAT BAD.
  3. Build a Fort- Just like when you were kids! Find chairs, couches, blankets, and go to town! Set it up in front of the TV for a fun movie night or by the Fireplace and have yourself a Smore’s Campout!
  4. Not November Thanksgiving-  I absolutely LOVE to cook and My husband LOVES to eat what I cook! I really get to enjoy trying out new recipes so ever-so-often we will make a nice elaborate meal just for the two of us!
  5. Binge Watch a NEW Show- At the beginning of relationship, we both decided to give Grey’s Anatomy a go. We had NEVER seen it before and he ended up really liking it. It was great to just veg out and discuss McDreamy McSteamy goodness with my best person.
  6. Fire Pit Camping- My husband wants to buy us a new backyard furniture set with a fire pit. We discussed grilling outside, making Smore’s, having a few drinks. I am even determined to setting up some sort of projector on our neighbor’s house! Ha! It’s this HUGE white wall. It’s screaming out “Watch The Breakfast Club” on me. Plus, they love the Cardinals and my husband loves the Cubs… I feel like my husband will be okay with this move!
  7. Get to Know Each Other- The internet has so many great resources for questions to ask your partner to get to know the other person even better! We love doing this and writing down our answers to each question with how WE would answer the question and how we think THEY would answer the question and giving out points for correct answers.
  8. Cook Together- Look up a few recipes, one for appetizer, entree, and dessert. Go to the store and stock up. Go home and create fun dishes together! My mother and I like to have Chopped competitions. Have someone (not participating) choose a random food item that you must incorporate in each dish, then make it into a cooking competition.

Just a quick list of fun activities that you and your spouse can do AT HOME!

Please comment with any fun date activities that you enjoy doing at home OR if you try out one of the ideas above! I’d love to hear from you!

XOXO Candace.


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