Your Child’s Closet is a MESS, Now What?

We just celebrated my daughter’s 2nd birthday!! Such a big girl now! But with that comes MORE CLOTHES than this mama knows what to do with!

**Please note: We do NOT keep games, toys, books, or stuffed animals in her closet. 

I WILL be posting a PLAYROOM Organization/MUST HAVES–Later this WEEK!!!


Have a daughter,they said…it’ll be fun, they said.

She helped by holding up EVERY item, “Oooh this cute!!!” then running off with it!

  1. I like to start by taking EVERY single thing out of the closet, shelves, dressers, etc. and placing it all on a huge pile on the floor. I grab TWO boxes–One for Donations & One for Keeping (Just IN CASE! You never know if number two will sneak their little way into our world)
  2. I like to hang onesies, shirts, dresses, and rompers.

** I hang from shortest sleeve to longest (tank top to long sleeves) I do this with ALL clothing items listed above.

**Some people take it a step further and organize by COLOR. Feel free to do what works for you!IMG_3098

Her closet goes Onesies, Short Sleeves, Long Sleeves, Dresses, Rompers. ALL in her current size which is 24 months/ 2T. ALL of her clothes that are now TOO SMALL are divided between the TWO BOXES.

I keep her backpacks, sunglasses, and hats on this top shelf.

3. Next, I keep her pants, shorts, pajamas, skirts, socks, and swimsuit in a hanging closet divider.

***Feel free to use this organizational system with a dresser if that’s easier for you. I LOVE having the ability to SEE everything in front of me all at once.


Notice I keep all of her pants on the top level.

Next level I keep her shorts.


-Found her this cute little storage bin on Amazon. Great for her laundry pile! They have a few different designs/colors!

You can find it here!

Next, her pajamas. I keep tops & bottoms on the same level.

Then skirts, then her swim suit.

The SIDE of the organizer has mesh pockets that hold her socks.

NOT PICTURED—Her shoes are kept in ONE LARGE tub. It’s so much easier for me than constantly trying to line them up. I AM ALWAYS MISSING A SHOE. The Tub system gives me an easy chance to spot a matching pair and that’s that.


All of her blankets are kept folded on a shelf.

Also pictured, I hang her jackets and robe next to the hanging organizer.

I hope this system helps you! I love having everything easily accessible and KNOWING it will fit her. I clean out her closet every few months as she gets bigger. Nothing is worse than trying to SQUEEZE a shirt over your child’s head who is NOW TWO SIZES TOO BIG for that dang shirt!

** Please keep in mind that we JUST got this large closet for our daughter within the past year! For her first year, we used an old bookshelf that I had changed into a mini closet! I took the top 2 shelves out, added a small bar (Like a shower bar) where I hung all her clothes and used boxes for the bottom to shelves to store the rest of her items!

Please let me know any tips or tricks you have for keeping organized!!

XOXO Candace

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