Toddler Playroom Organization & Must-Haves

Hey guys!! Happy Thursday! Happy February!


As most of you know by now, we have one child who just turned TWO!!

Her Playroom is Our Pride and Joy. She spends more time in here than any other room in our house. I decided to compile a list of our favorite ways to KEEP it ORGANIZED and a few of her MUST-HAVES!


I got this little book organizer after I saw my best friend with her little book organizer! Ha! It’s at her level so she can easily grab books and put them a way! She’s definitely growled at it a few times when a book is wedged in there too tightly! So convenient and matches with the rest of our furniture. HOMFA Kids Book Rack Storage Sling/ Espresso

Some of HER FAVORITE BOOKS right now are:


These books are great for learning new words! She likes to go through them and try to say the word on each page and gets excited when she does a good job! I found these at Ross for maybe 6 bucks each!


She ABSOLUTELY LOVES Sandra Boynton Books!! They are an easy and fun read! I have read the Belly Button Book mores times than I could count and would buy this for every little boy or girl!


Nancy Tillman books are another MUST-HAVE! This book makes me all teary-eyed and warm and fuzzy inside! Sends such a good message to children, that no matter WHO you became or WHERE you go in this life you’ll have your mother’s love.


Melissa & Doug toys are another love of ours! They are such great quality and she really enjoys doing these types of puzzles.


Ellie has an OBSESSION with “Chairs!” She got this Flipazoo Plush Chair-Elephant/Tiger chair for Christmas and loves it! It is essentially TWO chairs in one. We have it set up as a Tiger, but it can flip into an elephant as well! Feels like a sturdy bean bag chair. They have a few different animal combos! You can find this chair at the link below!

Flipazoo Plush Chair – Elephant/Tiger

You’ll also notice the play food. Play food is a MUST in our house. Usually it’s her walking around dumping it all over the floor and laughing, then tossing it in the bucket again. But, it’s been a great learning resource for language and motor skills.


This pink castle is one of our favorite things in our playroom. It has poles that it is put together with similar to a tent! The front part comes down to make a door flap, but we usually keep it tied up! This is great for our story time together! She also likes to bring her blocks in there and play by herself. Such a steal! IMG_3107

It can also collapse down for easy moving! I’ve attached the link below!
Children Play Tent Girls Pink Castle

We have also purchased storage bins for the dollar store for misc. items like her learning flashcards!

I DO NOT keep craft items in the playroom, which includes: coloring books, crayons/markers, glue, paints, etc. I keep those in a separate closet and take them out when the time is necessary. Otherwise, I have ONE VERY COLORFUL BABY.

I hope this gives you some new ideas!!

Please let me know of your TWO YEAR OLD’S Must-Have books/toys OR ways you keep your playroom organized!

XOXO Candace

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