So, Let’s Give Gardening a Try


I think that with EVERY new year we decide a LONG list of things we would like to try or things we would like to see achieved. I wrote a post earlier on How to Start a Weightloss Journey which was one of my MAIN OBJECTIVES for this new year, but with that comes a HEALTHY DIET.

My husband and I decided to give gardening a go!!

We RE-DID OUR ENTIRE BACK YARD. And by that, I mean, HE re-did the entire backyard and I took photos and watched and clapped and cheers’d him with my he did not have a beer, because he was working…HAHA (Wife of the year)IMG_3133

First, we invested in one of those Tower Gardens! This thing is INTENSE. You can choose a wide variety of herbs/veggies that you’d like to grow! We are currently growing:

  • Bibb Lettuce
  • Cauliflower
  • Banana Peppers
  • TomatoesIMG_3129

We are ALSO growing our own Pasilla Peppers! I am SO EXCITED for these bad boys. I use them instead of traditional Red/Green/Yellow peppers when I do Stuffed Peppers.

I would HIGHLY recommend it if you haven’t tried it that way before!



From LEFT to RIGHT –Basil, Sweet Peppers, Arugula, Cucumbers, Cantaloupe

We weren’t messing around! We wanted to be some lean, mean, healthy foodie growing machines!!

This whole endeavor is SO FOREIGN to us. It’s truly a LEARN AS WE GO sort of phenomenon…which is not that different than parenting 😉


Our 2 year old just LOVES that we have taken up this hobby. It is definitely a whole family ordeal! She loves the dirt, the caterpillars (Because YES they come around and NIBBLE their little way into our world) and seeing the “Trees” (YES all green things are now Trees) grow. It’s the sweetest thing!


We ALSO have TWO LARGE BINS for Yellow Onions and Sweet Corn.

HAHA we may  have our own Produce Section of the Supermarket VERY SOON!

***If you are interested in getting your little one’s involved in Gardening, but aren’t sure where to start–I found these SUPER CUTE Gardening Kits on Amazon! Interested in getting Ellie a little set of her very own!

I’ve attached the link below! They have a few different variations! So Sweet & Convenient!


If you’re an AVID GARDENER–Please let me know of any of your tips or tricks–This NEWBIE would love to be two steps ahead of the caterpillars!


XOXO Candace

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    1. Aw yes we love it! She likes to help put the soil in the bins, water the plants and we talk about how everything is growing. It’s cute!

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