Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Happy Thursday! Happy ALMOST Valentine’s Day!

This post is for the GUYS and the GIRLS who may have ABSOLUTELY no idea what to do for Valentine’s Day. Perhaps, you’re a parent? Low on cash? Think it’s a silly Hallmark holiday? Whatever the case may be I LOVE this day, because I LOVE, LOVE.


I happily celebrate this day every single year and not because I need to see how much my husband loves me. That’s absurd. I know he loves me every day of the year. This day you can just FEEL the love by EVERYONE and I think that is a BEAUTIFUL thing!

vdyHere’s Us on our First Valentine’s Day together! Before our new house, our baby, our wedding. “In a sea full of people, my eyes would still search for you.”

      1.  Fondue Night In!– Creating a meal together is such an intimate and fun experience. Yes, you could easily book a reservation at the Melting Pot, but in order to stay on the inexpensive side I suggest you whip out a fondue maker and load up on strawberries, marshmallows,various fruits, graham crackers, Oreo’ want it with chocolate…then add it to the list! Have fun with this. Heck, feed each other. Crack open some bubbly. Exchange cards and such. Make it an EXPERIENCE to remember. (I’ve added a link for a great one!)  <—How cute!
      2.  Mini Golf and Frozen Yogurt– Be a kid again! Find yourself a great place full of arcade games and miniature golf. Keep score! See whose paying the tab for that frozen yogurt! Hit up a frozen yogurt shop afterwards and load up on all your favorites. Use this as a time together to know one another better.
      3. Wine & Paint Night– This is such a wonderful thing to do together with a keepsake you can take home. Perhaps paint one for each other and exchange paintings at the end of the night! Groupon ALWAYS has amazing deals for nights like this. IF they are SOLD OUT for Valentine’s Day or you find a painting for another night that you like better, then give this as a GIFT! This is a night of great wine, one-of-a-kind company, and a fun activity!
      4.  Headphone Music Kind of Night– Ever seen the movie Begin Again? It’s one of my ABSOLUTE favorite movies (Netflix it if you haven’t) Any who, there is a scene in the movie where they spend the night walking around the city listening to music. Each person had a headphone in their ear and they listened/talked/and enjoyed one another’s company to their favorite songs. So, go old school on this one. Load up on your favorite songs, songs that remind you of your love, etc. and have a night out just reminiscing.
      5. Beer and Shuffleboard– I know you’re reading this and thinking that I lack romance. Negative. To me, this is intimate and fun. My husband and I love to try new beers/flights of beer and kick some butt at shuffleboard. This can be an inexpensive fun night to have together. Valentine’s day doesn’t have to be all wine, roses, and jewelry. It can be spending a night out with the love of your life, in your element, having a good time.
      6. Couples Game Night- You can always choose to have a nice little game night at home! One on one or invite other couples over and whip out all your board games. Everyone can BYOB, a game, dress comfortably. Unwind together. Cranium is probably my FAVORITE board game by far! <– Only $15 bucks! Definitely give it a try if you haven’t!
      7. Scavenger Hunt– Don’t just GIVE your significant other the Candy and Flowers and Such have her “Hunt” for them. Create a fun search around the house, the town, wherever and give them clues to help them get to the treasure! One card leads to the next destination and the next until they get their valentine! Everyone loves thoughtful gifts! Show them that you care and just take that extra step!
      8. Breakfast in Bed– This a great and inexpensive option! Just take the extra step and make the pancakes in a shape of a heart or even add red food coloring to make them a little more festive! Draw a heart with the whipped cream. Write a message with chocolate syrup. Serve on a tray with a little rose in a glass. Be creative and sincere!


These are just a FEW of my inexpensive ideas. They are adaptable to wherever you may be!

What inexpensive valentine’s day date ideas do you have??

XOXO Candace.

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