Bye Bye, Deadline.

Hey Everyone!

This post is for ANYONE who has ever put an ABSURD DEADLINE on a Weight-loss or Body Goal.

I realized today that I have exactly FIVE weeks to get my body into gear and get myself into a bikini.

Which is BEYOND silly, because I feared going in public in a bikini PRE-BABY. This is also not a goal of mine for the LOOK AT ME FACTOR. I have never been that girl. I find myself much more like the Zooey Deschanel in The New Girl who has the adorably hot factor fully clothed in polka dots and sparkles.

And yet, I put this expectation on myself. I wanted to believe that I can do it. I also have a degree in Health and Wellness Coaching. I ADORE helping others hit weight loss goals and feel like the best possible version of themselves. So, if I’m not looking a certain way I feel as though “Why on Earth would someone listen to what I have to say?”

So I have decided I am going to say “BYE BYE to DEADLINES.”

What if we stopped focusing on the beach vacation or the wedding day or the honeymoon or whatever the heck you have in mind as a day you need to be perfect by and JUST LIVED?

What if we just lived the healthiest version of our lives and would just wait and see what happens? What if we eat right, try a new exercise routine, take walks in the evening, chase your child in the park, and STOP PRESSURING YOURSELF TO BE A CERTAIN WAY?

I tell people all the time who are looking to lose weight to weigh yourself ONCE so you know where you’re starting point is and then FORGO the scale. Take pictures, take measurements, watch how your clothing fits differently and embrace every small achievement you make.

Start telling yourself every morning that you are ENOUGH.

You are smart enough.

Pretty enough.

Worthy of everything this life has to offer and PLEASE don’t think differently if you don’t hit your goal by your idealized deadline.

I promise you, in five weeks I WILL be on the beach in a bikini. Will I have ABS and a toned tushy? Most likely, not. But, I will feel damn good in my own skin, because the pressure is off and life is too short to be spent sitting on the sidelines wishing you were living someone else’s life.

You’re beautiful just as you are and someday I hope you’ll see it too.

XOXO Candace.

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