At-Home Activities for your Toddler

Happy 2nd Day of Spring!! (Haha I clearly overlooked day 1)

I am a stay-at-home mother to a little girl who just turned TWO in January.

I have honestly never been asked what it is I do all day. No one has ever made a comment about how I must be lazy, never work, should ACTUALLY be doing something, etc. I feel incredibly grateful for that. Mothers do a lot and I am very pleased to see that times may be shifting and the public is realizing if we are willing to pay someone to watch our child, then stay-at-home mothers must be doing A LOT. And we do, my job is 24 hours 7 days a week. But my co-worker has a nice tushy and the client is one heck of a cutie. So, I’d say I’m doing quite well.

Since I stay at home with a tiny, loud, opinionated, obnoxiously cute version of myself I have had to come up with ways to keep her busy, as well as learning. My daughter also knows the entire alphabet and can count to 10 (If interested in a blog on how to teacher your toddler the ABC’s and numbers, I’d be happy to post! Just let me know!)


  1. MAGNETS. Our daughter really enjoys magnets! We have numbers, letters, shapes, cars, etc. She can sit for a long period of time sticking magnets to her cookie sheet. We recently visited a family member and she proceeded to move all the magnets from their fridge to their oven! Ha! I personally ONLY buy magnets with FULL MAGNETIC BACKING. Swallowing a magnet is so dangerous that I never want to risk a small magnet coming off. Target carries the magnets we use. I also found this great kit on Amazon ( I attached link below!)IMG_20180321_091950.jpg

<—Under $15 bucks!

2. STICKER BOOKS/COLORING BOOKS. These have become our latest love and obsession!! They make so many different varieties. Our daughter likes to have have us hand her the stickers, tell her what the sticker is, and where to put it on the sheet. It’s a chance for her to learn new words. She tells us what the item is after we tell her (sometimes even before!) and it’s a great learning tool!IMG_20180321_091509.jpg <— Link attached–REUSABLE is key!

We are also big into coloring books. She uses markers. I found crayons would break easily and she would get frustrated, because she doesn’t press down that hard and could barely see the color. With markers it’s easy to hold, no breaking, and she doesn’t have to put a lot of pressure for them to work well.

3. DRY ERASE BOARDS. AHH! You need one! Dry erase boards are a must-have, because there is NO MESS. She can scribble away until her little heart is content, erase, and start again! We have a standing easel that is a chalkboard on one side and a dry erase board on the other. We got hers as a birthday gift from a friend, but I found a great duplicate made my Melissa & Doug (Link attached below!)IMG_20180321_091349.jpg<–I just love anything Melissa & Doug

4. STORY TIME. I try to go to the library weekly with my little one. I load up on cook books and mystery novels  and I load her up on ANY and ALL children’s books. Try to find fun ones to read at bedtime, stories that introduce them to new animals/sounds/words, and fun ones that rhyme. She loves the Mama Llama books, Dr. Seuss, and honestly anything that is bright and colorful that doesn’t have TOO many words on a page. She’s over it if there’s a whole paragraph. IMG_20180321_091622.jpg

Another activity, random but she loves, is going through ALL of my cookbooks. I have anywhere between 50-100. I like to collect them and meal plan. So while I meal plan, she browses through them and gets excited by all the pictures. She can also stack the books. It’s an easy thing to keep her occupied especially around dinner time.

5. WATER TABLE. So I guess this is more for outside time, but still an at-home activity. My mother recently got this for our daughter and she loves it! My best friend says that they use a water table during the warm months and when it becomes TOO HOT or TOO COLD she will bring it indoors and fill it with beans. She will also hide little knick-knacks that her kiddos have to find. Such a cute idea! (I’ve attached the link for OUR exact table below!)IMG_20180321_091819.jpgSplish Splash Seas Water Table

Another great way to spend time outside is BLOWING BUBBLES. A lot of parents complain that their child will spill the bubbles and they are more trouble than it’s worth. Our daughter likes to see US blow the bubbles. So she is never the one ever holding/blowing the bubbles (perhaps that will change with age) Another helpful tip is to tape the bottle of bubbles around a back yard pillar. It’s a way for children to access the bubbles without running around with the bottle and spilling it everywhere!

6. HOMEMADE WRAPPING PAPER. Ha! I keep a roll of white paper on hand at all times! This is the same paper I have taped down to our back patio so our daughter can sit and paint. It works really well. I also like to have her color on it and it can easily be used as wrapping paper for ANY holiday! For older children, you can draw images all over the paper and have them color it in.


I realize there are a ton of ideas that are great for young children to do at-home, but listed above are just some of our favorites! Get creative! Have fun with it!

Please let me know what fun activities you do with your 2 year old at home!!


XOXO Candace

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