SuperMama Foods- The Ideal Tea for Motherhood

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I recently discovered a tea that is the ideal tea for motherhood (whatever stage you may be going through.) I felt beyond obligated to make this review post, because not only am I a mother to a crazy toddler,but I went through a hard pregnancy and the woes of breastfeeding.


I knew I was pregnant before I ever missed my period. I told my husband I just HAD TO BE. I knew my body and it was gearing up for a new experience. Three days before, negative. Two days before, negative. The day of my missed period at two o’clock in the morning I ran into our bedroom and told my husband, “THAT IS THE CLEAREST PLUS SIGN I HAD EVER SEEN!” I think he was deliriously tired and semi-happy for whatever revelation I seemed to have mid-sleep. The next day we discussed it and he was over the moon. Neither of us had any idea of what to expect, but we knew this was our next big adventure together.

I had morning sickness (HAHA morning, that’s cute- I had ALL DAY SICKNESS) the entire first trimester. I craved salty foods, I lost weight, everything sounded nauseating. I tried EVERYTHING. I wore those sea sick bracelets, sucked on preggy pops, drank Ginger Ale, and nothing seemed to last. I was exhausted and it felt like my entire body was being taken over, which essentially it was.

Oddly enough the birth experience was vastly different. It was easy. Granted I had contractions for 12 hours before even GOING to the hospital and a few more before I had an epidural, but man that was the easiest part of my pregnancy experience.

I sobbed the first time I tried to feed my daughter, because I had NO MILK. Some woman leak milk for days before giving birth and have more than they know what to do with. I did not. My milk came later and I was guilt-ridden that I had let my child down. Throughout the next 8 months I tried lactation cookies and whatever other remedies I could find to ensure I had enough milk for my baby.

SUPER MAMA FOODS TEA offers a variety of teas that I wish I had known about as I went through these various stages. Supermama Foods

  • “More Milk Please”- Lactation Tea
  • “Chill Chai”- Digestion Tea
  • “Royal Tea”-Energy Tea
  • “Easy Queazy”- Morning Sickness Tea
  • “Fertilitea”- Ideal tea for those trying to conceive to promote overall wellness
  • “Mother’s Best Friend”-Moringa Tea

Tea is made with Moringa which is an amazing superfood with so many health benefits!

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Please note- I reached out to this company asking if I could give an honest review of their product on my site. I am genuinely that impressed and wanted other mother’s/women to be well aware of this product 🙂

XOXO Candace

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