Busy Mama Makeup Must-Haves

Happy Sunday!!

I was really debating whether or not I should do this post. I am NOT a beauty blogger and most definitely not the LOOK AT ME type. There are thousands of brilliant makeup artists out there who are pure insanity and can probably to immaculate winged eye liner while riding a motorcycle in a snow storm; I am not that girl.

I am, however, a mother who LOVES beauty products. I NEED to get ready rather quickly and I never wanted to be that mom who spends hours getting ready, but I do want to give the illusion that I put forth the effort.

(Please note- I am in NO way affiliated with ANY of these brands.)

Here are my favorites:


  1. Foundation- Covergirl Aquasmooth- I love this stuff! It has great coverage, easy to apply, doesn’t irritate skin, and you honestly don’t need to do a single touch-up at any point in the day.
  2. Mascara-Rimmel London-Extra Super Lash- This is the ONLY mascara I will buy. I love the brush, the fact you don’t need a million coats, and it come in a pack of two for I think 6 bucks??!
  3. Lipgloss-Essence-“Matt Matt Matt” Longlasting lip gloss- I like to use a matte lipgloss and apply a clear lip gloss (I personally use Wet & Wild clear gloss) over it. Another great trick is to find a LIPLINER that you like, apply to your entire lip and gloss over it with a clear lip gloss. I’ll usually do this when I want a bold or dark color. It’s long-lasting as well.
  4. Concealer- Maybelline- Instant Age Rewind- I have hereditary dark circles, which are a HUGE pain in the butt. I like to apply the above foundation to my entire face and use this as my under eye concealer. If you’re into contouring, this is great along the jawline as well.
  5. Bronzer- Revolution “All About Bronzed” Palette- I love this palette so much! I am a fairly pale person, so I need something that isn’t TOO dark. I typically use the color on the top row in space 2.

I also use Revolution “Flawless 3 Resurrection” Eyeshadow Palette if I am actually using eye shadow. This palette is full of neutrals in various shades. I don’t like anything TOO showy. I can’t really pull of bright and vibrant colors.


I included this as well, because it’s a fairly new product. It’s a WHITE deodorant that doesn’t leave a single mark on ANYTHING. I love it so much. I kept buying clear gel-like deodorants and find this significantly better. I urge you to try it.

So yep that’s it! That’s my daily make-up routine! Super quick and easy to do.

ALSO- Great makeup brushes do matter! Feel free to check out Mikasabeauty.com and use my code “SAVVYMAMA25” for 25% off!

I hope you enjoyed this post!

XOXO Candace

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