How I got My 2 Year Old to WANT to Brush Her Teeth!

Hey Everyone!

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Please tell me I am not the only mother on the face of the planet who found brushing her child’s teeth to be a nightmare!?

She hated the toothbrush. She hated me looking in her mouth, trying to brush her teeth, even suggesting that it was “Teeth Time.” On one occasion, I told her “You can either brush your teeth or you can stand by the wall in time out.” She walked to the wall and stood there. Like DUUDDDDDEE, you’re killin me.

So, I finally asked our doctor what to do. He said, “Eh, she will brush them when she wants to.” Oh wow. Insightful. Shall we admire your PhD now or simply while we pay our bill for such wise words??

So, I googled. Every mother seems to have a completely different outlook on what works for them and you know why? EVERY CHILD IS DIFFERENT. I get that, but I finally figured out what worked for our kiddo…so please, enjoy!

  1. Pick out a toothbrush and toothpaste together. Make it an experience! Have them pick out a fun character or a color they love and get them excited about it!
  2. Allow them to see YOU brush YOUR teeth.
  3. Give them their toothbrush to brush their teeth with while they watch you brush yours. You can do this throughout the day. Perhaps, even start brushing your teeth 3 times a day and in doing so, hand your kiddo theirs.
  4. Once they get the knack of wanting to brush their own teeth they suddenly won’t mind you brushing their teeth for them. I HAVE to sing her the “Toothbrush Song.”

“This is the way we brush our teeth, brush our teeth, brush our teeth. This is the way we brush our teeth we do it every evening.” For Ellie, I add in lyrics like “Now we brush the back teeth, the back teeth, the back teeth. Now we brush the front teeth, the front teeth, the front teeth.” Do whatever comes to mind and works for you.

I swear it works like a dream. She wants to hear the song, so she will keep her mouth open and let you keep brushing.

5. Please note- Your child MAY not like the toothpaste you bought. Our daughter will only use Tom’s Toothpaste for Children. It has a fruity flavor. I attempted a bubble gum flavor at some point and she was dying. Gagging. Hated it. Thought it was some form of punishment. So that may be the issue too.

6. If your child is cutting teeth that may also be an issue too, so definitely be aware of that as well.

7. Be proud of your child when they brush their teeth. High Five. Clap. Whatever you want and show them that you’re excited.

I really hope this helps someone out there!!

These steps have been a game changer in our household.


XOXO Candace

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