For Busy Mamas- 10 Things to do to Turn Your Week Around

Happy Monday Everyone & Here’s to a Very Happy April!!


As mothers, heck as human beings in general, we become very busy and perhaps don’t put all of our focus and energy in the proper places. I created this post as a way you can easily change the direction of your day and/or mood just by doing these simple things.


  1. Sit Down for a Meal– It really makes it a completely different experience when you prepare a meal and actually sit down at the dinner table…or coffee table..or children’s play table. Wherever. You’re able to actually enjoy the food, not over indulge, unwind, and really appreciate the moment. I am so beyond guilty of standing in our kitchen and eating my Toddler’s leftovers.
  2. Light Candles– A girlfriend and I were discussing how we light candles when we are done cleaning as a little reward moment. I think there is something so peaceful in lighting a candle and letting that scent fill the room.
  3. Take a “Non-Rushed” Shower– I think showers can become pretty routine! We try to get in and out as fast as possible, because we believe we have SO many other things to do. Try actually shaving, and moisturizing, and doing that leave-in conditioner, and perhaps a sugar scrub. Enjoy it.
  4. Make Fruit-Infused Water– This has been our latest love! We drink SO much more water now and it really does help with bloating and digestion. We cut up 1 cucumber, 2 lemons, and throw in a handful of mint leaves, pour all into a pitcher with water and let fuse together over night. This should last for a couple days so just keep adding more water.
  5. Drink your coffee WHILE IT’S HOT– I realize that is so much easier said than done. I am the queen of making a cup of hot coffee, getting busy, forgetting it, and then whining when I find my full cold cup of coffee! Make YOURSELF a priority and really enjoy it. Sit down and actually drink it while it’s hot.
  6. Go to the Library/Bookstore– AND GO TO OTHER SECTION BESIDES “CHILDREN’S.” I take my daughter to the library once a week. We load up on children’s books, but we also get me a ton of cookbooks, mystery novels, and whatever else I think looks amusing. Do I ever have time to actually sit down and read them? Rarely. But it’s relaxing none-the-less and my daughter LOVES to go through the cookbooks with me.20180402_075906.jpg
  7. Have a Mini Dance Party– I try to do this at least once a day with my kiddo. I turn on Youtube to MY kind of music (None of that Wheels on the Bus nonsense I have heard a MILLION times) and we jump around, hold hands and spin, or we just make new moves. It’s fun. Forget about the dishes, laundry, all the things you think you HAVE TO DO and embrace this time.
  8. Go to Breakfast– It sounds so silly, but seriously. I took my daughter on a date out to breakfast about a week ago. JUST US. It was that quality time that I had no idea I was missing. Yes, I am a stay-at-home mother and can still feel as though quality time is needed. She brought Elmo, ordered for herself, played with the jams/coffee creamers. (Side note-IF you are trying to dine with a toddler, here’s the trick, works WAY better than the dang crayons and kids menu. Show them how to stack the jam, sort the sugars by color packets, or play with the creamers. They will seriously be so pleased) It was just such a wonderful morning and I would love to make it a monthly thing.20180402_075929.jpg
  9. Unplug at Night– I have always carried my cell phone with me 24/7 and it had nothing to do with texts or social media, I just wanted to have my camera readily available, but now that I am active on social media and with my blog I can get easily carried away. My husband and I made a joint rule that we will never allow our child to feel as though our cell phones are more important than her. So around dinner time I put my phone IN ANOTHER ROOM and just forget about it.
  10. Embrace Craft Time– Take this as you will. It can either mean enjoy craft time alone through Adult coloring books, scrapbooking, or working on some art project for yourself as a way to relax OR set aside craft time with your child(ren). My daughter LOVES to paint, color, stick stickers, use stamps, etc. And don’t limit your child to what you THINK they can do. Think up a craft or find a good one on Pinterest and really try it together.20180402_075918.jpg

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