What if Mother’s got Sick Days?!

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I think I can speak for every mother out there and say that being a sick mother is the absolute worst! Remember those days as a kid when you were sick, you had the fever to prove it, you were a hot, HOT mess, and everyone took pity on you and you didn’t have to do a single thing? Ah. The good ole days.  I remember them well. I was told, “I HAD to stay in bed” “I wasn’t to DO ANYTHING” and all that was asked of me was to “Feel better soon.” Like whaaaat?

And I fought it.

I would say, “No. I don’t wanna. This is SOOOO Boring.”

OMG Boring? It sounds absolutely glorious.

But, as a mother, those days are LONG gone. Mother’s DON’T get sick. We’re the unicorns of the wellness world. We’re fine. Why yes we can still do that mound of laundry, grocery shop, cook dinner, make the bed (all the beds), clean whatever needs to be clean. It’s cool. We have those moments of sleep as we feel the steam from the dishwasher and we think for a moment we’re in a nice spa. Then, BOOM, reality hits and we’re stuck staring at the crumbs across our kitchen counter.

And no this NOT my husband’s fault. He offers to help, to watch our toddler, to make me soup. But, nonetheless, I AM MOM. My child searches for me. Like a little Isla Fisher in The Wedding Crashes “I find youuuu.” I’ll seriously be laying in bed and I will FEEL baby breath on my face and eyes watching me; and of course, the infamous pointer finger and thumb that work together to pry my eye lids open. Wham. I am up. She laughs and thinks it is the funniest thing in the world. YAY TIME TO PLAY. Nice joke mom…you almost had me!

Oh how I wish sick days were a thing.

Moms, imagine with me if you will, a world in which you wake up sick and you know you can just fall right back asleep. No babies searching for you. You can binge watch that girly show your husband hates and at some point French Toast will magically appear. And a cup of coffee on your night stand that has the ability to refill itself all through the day (Ha..too much??)

Oh what a beautiful world it would be.

But, nonetheless, YOU ARE MOM.

You runny-nosed, head-hurts, tummy-aches, chills-filled mom. I SEE YOU and YOU are MOST DEFINITELY kicking some MOM ASS.

XOXO Candace


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