So, You Want to Start a Blog? Tips from One Newbie to Another

Hello all-


First off, Thank you SO much for being apart of this journey with me. I began blogging in January 2018. I had NO idea what I was doing (still learning!), I had absolutely NO technical skills, and I really didn’t use Pinterest for more than just admiring pretty food!

Here are the TOP LESSONS I HAVE LEARNED IN MY FIRST 3 MONTHS (So you DON’T have to!!):+

  1. Find your Niche. –It sounds Easy, but it’s REALLY REALLY NOT. I’m like “Oh I’m a mom, but I bake, and I eat healthy, and I go on adventures, and I create things, and I love makeup and hair, and to be outside, and I am madly in love with my husband…” The list goes on and on. STOP. Find what you are passionate about and run with it! Narrow your focus down to VERY specific elements.

For example- My blog is dedicated to mother’s of young children. I discuss my life as a mother of a toddler. I also have a degree in Health & Wellness Coaching, so I discuss healthy meals/habits. Boom. That’s it. (Yes, it’s still a bit broad, but my audience knows exactly what to expect of me.)

2. Dig Deeper.-¬†Once you believe you have your niche down, dig a little bit deeper. Perhaps you want to be a fashion blogger, but who is your audience? Young women? Mothers? Couponers? Big Spenders? Or perhaps you’re thinking of being a food blogger, who is your audience? Foodies? Vegetarians/Vegan/Paleo/Keto? Over-Indulgent? Think ahead to who your direct audience is. If you are promoting healthy lifestyle posts on how to eat better and lose weight, you may lose people if you start incorporating rich, chocolate cake posts.

3. Be Yourself.– In a world that is so SOCIAL MEDIA DRIVEN, it is often hard to remember who you really are! Don’t be who you think you’re supposed to be. Don’t look at bloggers with¬† a MASSIVE FOLLOWING and compare yourself. You have NO IDEA how long it took them to get to that point. Focus on you and run your own race. I’ve seen a lot of beautiful blogs/instagram accounts with crazy filters, overly-posed photos, expensive outfits, etc. That’s not me and although they have an incredible following, I refuse to change who I am. I like my real life. I like photos of my family just being themselves! I want people to feel as if they know me, the good and the bad.

4. Choose a Color Scheme & Stick with It.- Your Instagram/ Blog need to flow. You’ll want to find what works for you so that you are easily recognizable to your followers and anyone you hope to work with. People need to know exactly who you are. I chose a very bright, colorful feed. It fits well with my life. I have a toddler whose little world looks like a box of rainbow Popsicles exploded.

5. Take yourself Seriously from Day 1.- I wish I had learned this one on Day 1. My downfall is clearly your gain! Forget that no one knows who you are. Forget thinking that no one may ever read a single thing you post and that while you’re surrounded by large bloggers, you are a nobody. Don’t do that. Create your site, connect it with your niche, take beautiful photos, and realize that what you’re doing matters. (No joke- I keep hearing Lucas telling Peyton that her art matters.) YOUR ART MATTERS.

6. Photos are JUST AS important as your words.- I’m most definitely not a photographer. I’m just a new mama obsessed with her little so I take photos of every little thing. Use photos that would catch your eye. Use titles that would make you want to read the post. Put yourself in the reader’s shoes. Photos are incredibly important in this area of work. Getting yourself noticed on Instagram and Pinterest require eye-catching pictures. Don’t just post photos for the sake of posting a photo. Post with intention.

7. Get to Know Other Bloggers.- Becoming a blogger it its own world. Your family and friends may be excited for you, but they don’t fully understand what it entails. Follow other bloggers on other social media sites, reach out to group boards on Pinterest and see if they’re looking to team up, comment/like other posts you see on other blog sites, and join Facebook blogging groups (particularly ones that align with your niche.)

When I told my best friend that I was starting a blog she looked at me rather confused. She said, “Oh, I never even read blogs.” I said, “But, you use Pinterest daily. You are constantly scrolling through and saving ideas that stick out to you. Where do you think a majority of those pins come from? They come from blogs.” She honestly had no idea.

Pinterest is full of other bloggers and those beautifully created photos/quotes/text boxes are from talented bloggers. You are reading their suggestions, recipes, ideas and so forth.

8.Realize your Worth.- This is your site. This will be your baby. It is something you created so be proud of it. Shout it from the rooftops! I am a very shy person, but when it comes to my site, I don’t hold back. I am proud of what I put out there and you need to be proud of whatever you create too! There may be thousands of other bloggers out there, but there is only ONE you. You are the only one who has the thoughts and creativity that you possess, so take ownership of that.

9. Never Stop Learning.- Starting your own blog will definitely be a journey. You’re not expected to know how to do everything right away. You’ll have to ask others, do some research, listen in on Webinars, join group chats, etc. If this is important to you, then you will find the time. This has become such a journey of personal growth for me. I have become a stronger, more confident person because I put so much of myself into my site and the words that I write.


I hope this helped you with a starting point! As my blog and knowledge grow, I promise I will update you with any new found wisdom I gain.

If you are an expert blogger, please let me know of some tips below!

If you are brand new, WELCOME. You’re gonna love this!

If you are a fellow MAMA blogger and would like to collaborate via site/Instagram, please reach out and let me know!!

XOXO Candace

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