Our Birth Story

In honor of Mother’s Day, I give you…our birth story!

I often tell people that GIVING BIRTH was the easiest part of my 9 months! Sounds insane. I get that, but once you hear the tales of my pregnancy you’ll go “Ohhh. So that’s why we haven’t heard word of baby 2!”

(Please note- I’m now fully on board for a second baby! All the baby feels!)

Anywho- let’s start at the beginning.

Months 1-4 I was EXTREMELY tired and sick. My thyroid levels were unbalanced to the point where my usual medication for my thyroid had to be multiplied by 4 ( a problem they didn’t realize until month 4 hence the exhaustion!) The morning sickness aka ALL DAY ERRRYDAY sickness was a joke. In fact, my pregnancy was announced before I even gave word when people saw my FitBit steps looked as though I never moved, ever. So I would get texts of concern to which I finally replied, “I’m growing a human.”

Month 6- I was attacked in a parking lot? I genuinely don’t know how to word this, so bear with me. It was pouring down rain and some guys were pushing each other and rough housing. I was walking across the street and onto the sidewalk to go into a store. It was at night and I was alone. One of the guys knocked into me and LITERALLY landed on top of me. I’m 5’4, I can’t even fend off my toddler. And the most obnoxious part of the whole ordeal was it was his way to casually bump into me and introduce himself? Like duuuuude. I get I’m not married and I’m 6 months preggers but minus those factors you are wrestling with some guy at a shopping center..oh please..let.me.have.you.now.

So I got to spend the evening in the hospital with a seriously bruised foot/ankle that was swollen and a hot mess. And have a baby monitor attached to my stomach. Luckily, I landed in such a way that the stomach was never hit.

Month 8- I was attacked by a dog. This was a family pet and a dog I have known for YEARS. I was down on the floor doing photos with my family. The dog suddenly lunged at me and chomped down on my arm. I physically had to have him removed from my body. Spent the evening at the hospital and spent the next year with the scars of his ENTIRE mouth on my arm.

So as you can see birth just had to be a hell of a lot better, right!?

I had my final doctor’s appointment on a Tuesday. He told me that nothing was happening with my body and they would probably have to induce me in a week.

I asked when he was scheduled at the hospital and he said Wednesday aka the very next day. I LOVE my doctor. I love him in a way that every health ailment, child I may bear, issue I may have, I want him to handle it. So naturally, I didn’t want any one else all up in my business (so to speak)

That evening I had contractions. I’ll never forget laying in bed, watching Storage Wars and documenting every one. I finally called the hospital (which I could actually walk to if I wanted to) around midnight. They told me to enjoy the coziness of my house and not come until they were only a couple minutes apart. So around 10 am (yes I stayed up the whole night with every contraction) I knew it was time.

I got in and they said I was 4 cm dilated and they refused to admit me until I hit five! I told them I wasn’t leaving so we better figure something out.

I walked around for maybe 10 minutes and hit 5. Bottomline, I was in labor for 12 hours no epidural. Got admitted. Received an epidural for the final 7 hours of labor and after 15 minutes of pushing my little nugget had arrived!

I’ll never forget the moment when the doctor (my doctor!) Went,”Do you want to see!?” And I said,”oh ew no” and he said,” but you’re done. She’s here!”

I had no idea.

I was in shock to say the least.

Giving birth to my daughter was the greatest thing I have ever done in this life. I always tell people in meeting her I found me..and it’s so damn true. She taught me to be fearless, strong, independent, and confident. She’s the greatest gift I have ever been given and the strongest love I will ever know.

We named our daughter Ellie Cecilia

“Ellie” after the movie Up! The love between Ellie and Carl reminded me of my grandparents who were married for 50 years

“Cecilia” after the song “Cecilia and the Satellite” it’s my husband’s song to our daughter

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Xoxo Candace

5 thoughts on “Our Birth Story

    1. Ha awww thanks! That’s what my husband would say everytime I got sick while pregnant “you’re just busy making someone awesome!” Lol

  1. Oh man! Happy early Mother’s Day! Sorry you had to go through rough times during pregnancy but I’m glad that you and baby are both healthy and happy! Love her name as well!!

    1. Aw thank you so much!! I was so nervous at the thought of getting pregnant again but as our little is coming up on 2.5 years, it just feels like perfect timing! And I mean, what are the chances of another dog attack!? Lol thanks for the love and feedback 😚😍😚

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