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Hello everyone!

I have such a love of food and reading- so why not combine the two worlds?!

My grandmother absolutely loved to bake. Her cookbooks became the object of my affection and I knew I had to have them in my life. Once I got married, my father gave me her recipe books as a wedding gift. 8 months prior to my wedding day, I lost my other grandmother and was given her cookbooks as well. Having them warms my heart and lets me feel as though they are still here with me. Through this, I have developed a love of finding amazing, fun cookbooks to use.

These are not by ANY particular style of food. I love meat, but I also love vegetarian style meals. I love to eat healthy 95% of the time, but I do have wonderful baking books for that 5%. So, through this love I have compiled my favorites and attached links for your convenience! ENJOY!

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  1. Whole 30 Cookbook- By: Melissa Hartwig– Whole 30 can be a fairly intense experience, but also an incredibly life-changing one. This concept of eating clean allows you to refocus on non-processed foods, no sugar, no alcohol, no grains, and no dairy. Sounds boring, but through this cookbook you’ll see it’s really not. If you are looking to lose weight, eat healthier, have clearer skin, less bloating/constipation, etc. I would highly recommend you give this book a whirl!

<–Link for cookbook above!

<–Added Link- If interested in starting “Whole 30 Challenge” I would recommend you picking up this book as well!


2. Cook Right 4 Your Type- By: Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo –This book is AMAZING! It is believe that our bodies do best when we are eating the appropriate foods for our blood type. First, find out your blood type. Then, read the section that pertains to you! It will explain the history behind why those foods are best and explain foods to avoid. For example, any time I had tomatoes I would feel just awful afterwards. I don’t have an allergy to tomatoes and I really couldn’t figure it out. According to this book, tomatoes don’t bode well with my blood type. You may find that foods that have always bothered your body in same way just aren’t perhaps a match for you! Recipes in back!

<—Link to book above!


3. Taste of Home Cookbook- “Best Loved Recipes from Home Cooks like You”- First off, this book is HUGE! It is set up like a binder divided by sections. I love this, because the recipes come from home cooks across the country. You’re able to hear about so many different dishes from various walks of life. Love it! Plus, I am an avid read of Taste of Home. I rip out recipes I like from their magazines!

<–Link to cookbook above!


4. The Bikini Body 28- Day Healthy Eating & Lifestyle Guide- By: Kayla Itsines- If you follow the BBG (Bikini Body Guide) then you are familiar with Kayla Itsines. If not, she is incredible. She offers a 12-week workout series that is known to give results! This book is FULL of a daily eating guide aka she tells you what to eat, at what time of day, and exactly how to make it! There is also a 28-day workout guide at the back of the book! (Clearly by the sticky notes, I never use this book…HAHA! I actually ran to the store the day this book was released to get a copy!)

<– Link to book above!


5. The Healthy Smoothie Bible- By: Farnoosh Brock- I have always wanted to be one of those smoothie drinkers in the morning, but honestly didn’t even know where to begin! This book provides you recipes of smoothies with their health benefits.

<–Link to cookbook above!


6. Eat Like a Gilmore- By: Kristi Carlson- Oye with the Poodles already! If you know me, you know that Lorelai Gilmore is my spirit animal! Therefore, when this book hit the market I knew I needed it in m life. This is the cutest book. She creates recipes from coffee to main dishes to dessert inspired by the popular TV show “Gilmore Girls.” The chocolate muffins in this book are AMAZING! I mean EVERYTHING. The mac and cheese Sookie makes for the kids party, the Santa Burger Luke makes for Lorelai, and more!

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Honorary Mention

I created this section, because these are some of my favorite library finds! I have renewed these books and need to just go out and buy my own! So EQUALLY wonderful just not currently stocked on my shelves:


If you’re thinking the only reason I even grabbed this book is due to the title, then you would be correct! But man does the food ring true! So good and such a worthwhile read. Check it out!


So yes, I am a BIG “I Know What You Did Last Summer” fan. “What are you waiting for….what are you waiting for!???” AMAZING. Anywho, SO IS THIS BOOK. The man can cook. I highly recommend you give it a go and you’ll find some new favorites!

I hope you enjoyed this list!!

Please let me know some of your favorite cookbooks!

XOXO Candace

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