I’m not the woman my husband met, I’m a whole lot more

Let’s Grow Old…TOGETHER!


When most people think of getting married they typically think of themselves growing old with the person of their dreams. They see the white picket fence, 2.5 children, in a countryside somewhere, living blissfully ever after. But, why is that the case? And I’ll never fully grasp why we aim for two AND A HALF children. And what does growing old with another person fully entail?

We see the white dress and the vows, we see the pregnancy and the children, and we see ourselves laying next to our person as we peacefully pass together in our sleep. But, WHAT ABOUT THE MIDDLE? There is a whole huge sector of our lives we kind of over look. What happens in the middle and all the little moments that come in our lives? We change. We are ever-evolving people and we will continue to change.




I am ever-evolving.

My husband met me four years ago at a Mexican restaurant that was halfway between his house and mine. I was a college student still unsure of what my major would be and still trying to piece my life and career path together.

In these four years he has seen me:

Become a college graduate (finally decided on Sociology and Health/Wellness Coaching)

Become a pregnant woman

Become a mother

Become an avid learner of nutrition

Become a newly green-thumbed gardener

Become an amateur chef

Become an Instagram Mama

Become a Motherhood/Lifestyle Blogger

Become an At-Home Preschool Teacher to our Toddler

So, you see, I am NOT the woman my husband met…I am SO much more than that!

Many see marriage as a means of being “STUCK” with another individual forever. They see themselves dating, sleeping with, dining with, and simply existing with ONE person for the rest of their life; and many get distraught at the thought. But how incredible it is to grow old with an ever-evolving person and to embrace those new moments with them?

Change can be a damn good thing.

Watching your partner continue to grow into an even stronger, better version of themselves is amazing.

Embrace it.

Be grateful for it.

And start viewing your marriage as a chance to continually grow as one.

Xoxo Candace

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  1. I agree about watching your partner continue to grow. One of the most important things in marriage is to be flexible. Learn to grow with each other and embrace the new things they want out of life. Be enthusiastic about what makes them happy, even if it wouldn’t necessarily make you happy.

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