“When Ellie Grows Up” – Hooray Heroes

Hey Everyone!

When I discovered Hooray Heroes on Instagram it was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. I adored their style and the personalization of their books.

They offer books for boys and girls of all ages!

A book to help rid your little of their binky.

A book to help with potty training.

A book to help rid them of their fear of the boogeyman

And more!!!

But, of course, I had to go with “When Ellie Grows Up”

(I was gifted this product in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank You Hooray Heroes)

This process is customizable from the get-go! Choose whether it is for a boy or a girl, enter your child’s name, choose the hair style and color, the skin tone, freckles/glasses, and eye color!

Then, customize “the mother” in the same manner.

Afterwards, you get to choose the exact type of “jobs” you’d like for your little. For example, I chose a doctor, a professor, a ballerina, a chef and more! Things that I felt could fit my Ellie!

Of course, Ellie LOVED hearing her name and got excited at the idea of being a Late- Night Talk Show Host!! Ha! Which didn’t surprise me in the least!

At the end, you get to create your own personal dedication page from you to your child! It’s the perfect touch to this keepsake.

I know as Ellie gets older she will appreciate this book! She will love it and feel so loved. I couldn’t be more excited to have this in her life for the rest of her life!

I HIGHLY recommend creating your own book for you and your kiddo! I was anxiously waiting by the mailbox for our book to come in and once it did, it was above and beyond what I had expected.

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Instagram- Hooray Heroes


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Hooray Heroes



I hope you love your own Hooray Heroes book as much as we do!!

Xoxo Candace

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