The Natural Fears that come with Baby 2

Hey everyone!

I’m back!!! (Well sort of…)

If you follow my instagram savvymamabee, then you know we are expecting our SECOND child in April 2019!

This pregnancy is a bit surreal!

Let me start off by saying, “We tried for this baby. Prayed for this baby. And I knew in my heart I was destined to be a mama of two (at least.)”

In my first pregnancy, the moment the test turned positive I was overjoyed and knew that we were having a baby. I didn’t have a moment of doubt. I happily announced, told family and friends, went to every doctor’s appointment excited for what they had to say, and took every discomfort in stride. We were having a baby!

Now that we are pregnant again it is a very different experience. I have no idea if that’s normal or if other women out there, feel what I feel.


I’m scared.

The moment we got a positive test I was over the moon excitement, then reality sunk in “What if we lose it? What if something goes wrong? What if he says there’s no baby in there and the test was wrong?” But…that didn’t happen.

Baby was there. Healthy, active, growing.

And yet, with every appointment I pray and need the reassurance that me and baby are doing just fine.

We finally had our 12.5 week ultrasound and our little human looked like a LITTLE HUMAN. Baby was nustled in the fetus position. They had me do a few hard coughs to get baby to move. This illicited baby to roll over, stretch legs out, and look like a disgruntled teenager woken up early Saturday morning. I was in love.

This pregnancy still has a ways to go, but I am so grateful I get to experience this again. My first pregnancy was so hard I wasn’t sure I would be able to go through it again. But, man, it is so damn worth it.

I am showing.

I have migraines, round ligament pain, food aversions, and breathing difficulties.

But, it is all okay.

And I know with this baby everything will be OKAY.

Did anyone else have this issue with your second child? Fear? Worry?

Xoxo Candace

One thought on “The Natural Fears that come with Baby 2

  1. Congratulations!! April is a glorious month to have a baby with all the spring miracles happening! 😀
    I’m sorry you’re experiencing fear. I had it too but I thought it was because I’d had a miscarriage. Maybe mamas have fear regardless of prior loss. ((hugs))

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